Weight reduced by 20 kg even while in wheelchair, know how!


Weight decreased by 20 kg even while in wheelchair, know-how!


Weight decreased by 20 kg even while in wheelchair, know-how!

If you are overweight, what can you do to reduce it? The first thing will come to your mind. Running on a treadmill, lifting weights, doing various exercises on heavy machines in the gym. But if you're in a wheelchair and can't walk, how do you lose weight? Even if it takes you some time to think the answer to that question or you can't even think, Virali Modi has made this difficult thing come true.

This is the story of a 23-year-old model, actress and inspirational speaker, Virali. Virali has lost 20kg in the last three years. And they did it all, despite relying on wheelchairs. In fact, in 2006, Virali suffered a spinal cord injury, causing her to fall in a wheelchair. He had malaria and because of this, his whole body was paralyzed below the neck. He then had to undergo various treatments, which helped him learn to control his movements. Today, although she cannot walk without a wheelchair, she has taken control of her life.

Two years ago, when Virali realized that the steroids he was carrying for his spinal cord had lost weight, he decided to lose weight. At that time it had reached 75kg, which needed to be reduced as soon as possible. To that end, they made the following efforts.

Health formula

Viral said it was relatively easy for her to lose weight because her body contained a lot of water. When you are in a wheelchair and can move your hands and feet, you have limited options. But that did not stop him. She ate a healthy diet, breathing exercises and yoga and lost 10-15kg in the first three to four months. She used to take physiotherapy three hours a day. His therapy also included lifting light weights to tone the muscles.

 Special diet

Virali, like most of us, is fond of fast food, especially pizza. But, if you are not in control of your diet, you will not be able to lose weight. He ate something every four hours a day, with no white carbohydrates. Viral eliminated carbohydrates, starch, and artificial sugar from their diet.

The viral day started with light hot water, lemon honey. An hour later she was drunk with no sugar or salt. Breakfast Dry Fruits Two to three almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, and dates have met their protein requirements. Then add the boiled vegetables and lentils to the lunch. In the evening she used to take bananas and other fruits. A bowl of soup and fresh salad at dinner. And a glass of milk before going to bed at night. (Also read, Rajma's Weight Loss and Diabetes Control, Learn The 5 Benefits)

It was difficult, but not impossible!

Virali's weight was gone, and she was in a wheelchair. Yet she continued to exercise. Yes, after losing weight, he gave up licking hard, eating only rice and fine flour. It is often the case that a person becomes bored of eating similar food during the diet. Viral also saved himself from it. She ate what she liked once a week. Like pizza. But she was careful not to eat just one pizza. "Discipline and dedication are very much needed to stay healthy," he said. Now, she eats something every three hours, in addition to milk products.

 Trust and family support

Virali Modi took part in the Miss Wheelchair India competition in 2014 after losing a lot of weight. Although she was a runner-up, her positive attitude towards life won everyone's heart. Today she is an actress and model. Plus, they motivate other people in their way. During such a long struggle, Virali continued to support her family. From expensive treats to self-sufficiency, they are thankful to parents.

Weight decreased by 20 kg even while in wheelchair, know-how!

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