Know how your child's eyes can get damaged by mobile or laptop


Most people, whether in the office or at home doing some work, are looking for hours on a laptop screen or mobile phone many hours a day, which is not good for eye health. Although the sight is not eliminated when viewed on a laptop or mobile, it can cause many other eye problems when young children look at this bright screen for a long time. The more we look on the screen, the more our eyelids twinkle, which increases the pressure on the eyes and causes severe irritation and itching. Dr. P. Suresh, the chief ophthalmic surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Mumbai, is telling the eyes about the damage caused by these devices.

Focus: The light emitted from the LCD and LED display items is particularly harmful to children's eyes. This light related technology uses blue-dyed light, which affects the ability of the eyes to focus. Too much movement causes the back muscles of the eyes to become tired and gradually if the situation gets worse your eyes will not focus on anything later.

Headache: Nowadays children are very worried about headaches. This problem is due to a busy lifestyle, sitting in front of the computer all day and using mobile. Many times you keep the mobile close to your eyes, which is why this problem starts. So keep your mobile or computer screen at a certain distance from your eyes.

Computer vision syndrome:
People with this syndrome are those who spend many hours a day in front of a computer screen. Eye irritation, headache, neck pain are the main symptoms. Dryness of the eyes is also an important symptom because when you look at the computer screen, the eyelids are dimmed and the air contained in the air conditioner will dry out the liquid in the eyes.

Myopia is an eye problem that affects both children and the elderly. About 60% of patients suffer from the disease for genetic reasons. According to a recent survey, people who use electronic devices more often have a higher number of myopia than others, so older children should use these quantities in limited quantities.

Also, when young children start using more of the computer, it not only damages the eyes but also increases obesity. Tilt the neck down, keeping an eye on the mobile also damages your body's rays. So don't rely solely on these devices, but use them just as you need them.

To protect children from the harmful effects of these devices, follow these tips:
  • Allow children to spend less time on computers and other gadgets.
  • Keep an eye on what they are accessing on computers and mobiles.
  • Give children anti-glare glasses while using the computer.
  • Provide children with accurate information about ergonomics.
  • Make it a habit in children that whenever they have to work on the computer for long periods, they blink, and even drop eye drops when needed.

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