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Russia's fourth consecutive clean sweep in swimminged swimming

London Olympics: Russia secures the first position in the Team Free Routine Finals of the Synchronized Swimming Competitions in the UK

London: Russia won both gold medals, finishing fourth consecutive clean sweep in synchronized swimming at the London Olympics, also competing in the US and China for gold medals on Friday, with the United States leading with 39 gold medals until final reports. , Its total 90 medals including 25 silver and 26 bronze,

China finished second with 37 gold, 25 silver, and 19 bronze medals, Britain won 25, Russia 13 and South Korea won 12 gold medals. According to the hottest Russia gold in the women's team event in synchronized swimming. Keeping his dominance in the game by winning a medal, the team's overall score was 197.030, making it his fourth clean sweep in the Olympics, with the 2000 Sydney Games having Russia dominating the game,

The singles title was also named by Russia on Tuesday, with the two medals captured by Russia. China won silver and Spain won the bronze medal. Cycling men took the lead in defending Latvia's Mars Strombrugs honor at BMX,

He also won a gold medal in Beijing four years ago at the Games Debut, with Australia's Sam Volgbe winning silver and Colombia's Carlos Okundo bronze medal. Colombian's Mariana Pijon won the BMX Cycling event for her country. Won the first gold medal,

New Zealand's Sarah Walker won silver, while Dutch cyclist Laura Smulders won bronze, with British hope ax Shanzie Reddy taking the sixth position. The 10-kilometer marathon in Tunisia won the match, despite illness. The 28-year-old swimmer was exposed to a virus attack earlier this week, setting the distance in 49 hours 55.1 seconds an hour.

Speaking to the media after the victory, Thomas Lores of Germany won second and Richard Weinberger of Canada, Melville said that 48 hours ago I was sick and not able to land in the water, for me, this historic victory was a miracle. No less. In the 470th class of women's wrestling, New Zealand's Joe Eli and Olivia Pouri won gold medals, Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark's British team won second place with a medal.

Dutch women Lisa Westerhoff and Lobeck Breakout won bronze medals. Three-time World Champion Australian wrestlers Matthew Bachelor and Malcolm Page in Men's 470 embraced the easy victory, Britain won second and Argentina won three and Arjun Potion won third. I won the first gold medal for the United Kingdom, defeating China's Yuzhou Ho in the women's 57kg final. Ashton Eights of America wins a gold medal in Athletics' men's decathlon. Republican Czech Barbara Sputakova successfully defends women's javelin title,

He won the gold medal by throwing a distance of 69.55 meters. Christina of Germany won the silver while her partner Landa won a bronze medal. German players Jonas Rickerman and Julius Brink were honored to become the first European Olympic champions in men's beach volleyball. Found out, they defeated Brazilian rivals Emanuel Rigo and Allison 2-1 in the final, Latvia defeated the Netherlands and cleared the bronze medal. Kenya's David Rudisha won the men's 800m Olympic title and set a world record,

They set the distance in 1 minute 40.91 seconds. In women's freestyle wrestling 55kg, Japan's Saori Yoshida hit the field. The 10m platform diving crown was won by China's China Royal, American World Champion Christian. Mains won gold in the triple jump.

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