Recents in Beach

Former Olympians decided to campaign against the Federation

Karachi Olympics expresses concern over the poor performance of the Olympic hockey team

Karachi: Former Olympians express concern over the poor performance of the hockey team in the Olympic Games The meeting of Qamar Ibrahim, Akhtar-ul-Islam and Qamar Zia took place on Thursday night in Karachi. It was informed at the meeting that former Olympians Shahnaz Shaikh, Shahbaz Ahmed Sr. and Tahir Zaman are out of the country while contacts in Khalid Mehmood and Naveed Alam are going on in Lahore.

A campaign against PHF will be launched in consultation with all the former Olympians who are in pain for the national game. "After the team's poor performance at the Olympic Games, the current officials are no longer allowed to hold their positions," Ishauddin told a correspondent, "Express". After being placed 12th in the World Cup, the Champions Trophy and seventh in the Azlan Shah Cup, officials are now satisfied with the disappointing Olympics but the nation and former players are not satisfied. The PHF received millions of rupees of funds and all the resources, but the result remained zero, so the change was now needed.

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