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War against stagnation and doping will continue, IOC

War against stagnation and doping will continue, IOC
Jacques Rouge has said that the counter will continue to test before and after games four doping.

London: The International Olympic Committee has announced the fight against illegal prostitution and doping, President Jacques Rough said, adding that fixing and using forceful drugs will not allow the game to deteriorate, he said. TV broadcast rights four the Summer Games will be sold four $ 4 billion.

According to details, the three-day session of the International Olympic Committee began before the start of the London Olympics, while Jacques Rogg told media that the fight against illegal stunting and doping is still among the IOC's top priorities. Four counter-doping, we will continue to test before and after games, while also taking samples from previous games, monitoring our reliance on illegal betting, the British Gaming Commission and Is on integrated links with bodies like Interpol.

Good governance can eliminate both of these drawbacks from sports, sports organisations need to conduct regular audits, Rogue added that steps are also being taken to increase women's participation in sports, at the London Games. Including women's boxing and more cycling events, scheduled four the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi will feature women's ski jumping.

He said that sales of broadcast rights four both the Winter and Summer Games are increasing, with rights of 2002-04 sold four $ 2.2 billion, 2010-12 rights four $ 3.9 billion, while the 2014 Winter and 2016 Olympic Games Broadcast rights are expected to sell four $ 4 billion.

Indian athletes lost in the beauty of the Olympic Village
London: Members of the Russian volleyball team walk into the Olympic Village.

 LAHORE: Indian athletes have lost the beauty of the Olympic Village by forgetting the preparations four the competition, the squad comprises of 81 athletes. An Indian boxer found the best dining room in the Olympic Village; ۔

They say there are dozens of appetising foods, whatever you need, a few players complained about the security arrangements, one of them said, it took us two hours to get here from the airport. The village continued to cheque four another 30 minutes, they still wanted to say something but the coach reminded them that they had to train in the morning.

Rohan Bopanna, who attended the Olympics four the first time, said, "I have participated in many international events but there is something else to enjoy. Another athlete said there were four athletes in each room, but there were only two in the bathroom. There should be one more.

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