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Upon returning to the farm, fate stopped with Sarfraz Ahmed

 Top prospects four Zwan's wicket-keeping, Sarfraz already surprised by the pitch. Photos: File

 Abu Dhabi: On returning to form, luck faded from Sarfraz Ahmed, while in Abu Dhabi Test, the captain's ball hit a ball.

 On the first day of the Abu Dhabi Test match with Pakistan's Fakhrman, the hosts were dismissed by captain Sarfraz Ahmed at 90 when a short ball from Mitchell Starc came to the ribs. Appearing in discomfort, the physio sprayed to ease the pain, as he later came four wicketkeeping and took a brilliant catch but now it is being feared that he may not be capping any further.

 At the press conference, Sarfraz Ahmed said that the ball hit the elbow with great intensity, I am still feeling pain. I will hit the cobwebs at night. The gloves will take over, calling four the wicketkeeper to be present with the "A" team.

 Remember that under the rules, a match referee may be asked to substitute four a keeper who is not included in the 16-member squad.

 On a question at a press conference, Sarfraz Ahmed said that losing 4 wickets in just 2 overs was particularly astonishing, usually in the fourth and fifth days in Abu Dhabi. Even 15 minutes after getting on the crease was a big challenge, however, tried and successful, Fakhrmann played a key role in keeping the strike good.

 The captain said that these forms would add more pressure to the Kangaroos after taking the wicket of Usman, trying to take advantage of the pitch in the fourth inning with a good target and let the guests name the series.

 Quit captains, expelled from the team was upset over two negative comments, Sarfraz Ahmed

 Captain Sarfraz Ahmed has said that I was under pressure due to negative comments; Someone said to get me off the team, somebody said to quit captaincy, thankfully Abu Dhabi was out of pressure when playing big innings. came.

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