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The PSL and the vacant field will probably be in the whole league next year


That is why I want the whole PSL to move to Pakistan as soon as possible. Even today, during both matches, the number of fans in the stadium is very low, an event that started three days ago and showed no interest in the early days. If this situation is not good, the Well Board has now decided to hold eight matches in Pakistan.

Next year maybe the whole league will be coming to the country, there is PSL survival, matches will be in interest from next week, there will be a large number of spectators, UAE cricket is becoming more and more. People are here to earn a living, every event will be a bit rushed to see.

Today I had the opportunity to interview Shadab Khan and Fahim Ashraf at the hotel, both are very close friends and their bread group is famous everywhere, Fahim looked particularly disappointed in criticizing his performance in South Africa, I asked him. After receiving the award for the best player in the first match, which is why you shared the photo which was written in English, "Can't bowl or bat", he recounted an interesting incident in which you heard about Cricket Pakistan Web. Will appear in their interview on the site.

Shadab also talked about PSL and other interesting things. In the afternoon, I met PCB MD Waseem Khan, informed him about his plans. Waseem Khan's words suggest that he is a Pakistani cricketer. Want to do a lot for the better, it is to be seen now that the people in PCB have let them work for a long time or they will return to England in a few months frustrated, with the arrival of Subhan Ahmed. What would be a more interesting question? When I asked Wasim Khan about this, he praised the COO and benefited from his services. Said to eat

By the way, the long-time occupants of the PCB have certainly been in danger since the MD's arrival. Those who have taken huge salaries without working have to go home now, they have announced to reduce the number of employees. Yes, Chairman Board Ehsan Mani also showed me in the hotel lobby, now gradually his role in the board will be reduced and all Powers will come to Vasim Khan, implement the same decision on changes in the domestic cricket system. Well, in the next few months Pakistan will have a new direction of cricket.

In the first match today, Multan Sultans showed ambitions by beating defending champion Islamabad United, last year too Multan got off to a good start but afterward, the performance was not maintained, let's see what happens this year, however, Shahid Afridi's arrival. The team will benefit greatly from this, they proved in the last match all-round performance that there is still a lot left, the individual performance of Captain Shoaib Malik is also very good, he along with Shahid Afridi in a fine match. What.

We see the same thing in the Pakistan team, but one problem is that the PSL heroes do not maintain the standard of performance in international cricket, but the selection committee is so impressed that they open the test. Yes, the selection committee recalled that Inzamam-ul-Haq had not appeared in Dubai so far, which caused considerable disappointment among his fans, though it is not so in the US, with a former star going on a coaching assignment for $ 200. Selfies can also be made, let them earn well.

Finally some talk about the controversy coming up in the PSL when I broke the news on Express-News I didn't realize that there would be so many discs some boarders were angry with it, If Najam Sethi had been chairman, the accreditation card would have been canceled and interview permission would have ended. Of course, the new PCB would certainly not have done so. What they were doing was not correct, how can you prevent a journalist from reporting something, if wrong, must be denied, as well as some Allowing interviews lar or event accreditation is a fundamental right of any kind is testify, now thankfully come to a professional personality Sami Bernie PCB, they will not let you work Sethi.

Well, it is not a wise decision to allow team owners to sit in the dugouts, it will affect the credibility of the event, it is not a street local tournament, it is a Pakistan Superleague and it should employ international cricketing methods. The league started with negative news, first criticizing Pitt Bill for giving crores of rupees for a few minutes of performance, then at the last minute, withdrew the board, embarrassing the board and now on the empty ground. All these negative things should not be allowed to the owners, hopefully, the league will move on to the negatives when moving to Pakistan. Works shall be.

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