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Pakistani shaheen reminiscent of the past clashed over Argentina

Hockey: Pakistani player Shakeel Abbasi tries to trick Argentina's defencemen into reaching the ball

London: Pakistan's Shaheen era clashed with Argentina in retrospect, a 2-0 victory in Olympic Games Hawkeye gave the team 3 valuable points, with both goals being scored by penalty-corners Muhammad Imran and captain Sohail Abbas, respectively. The first match against Spain was a 1-1 draw, thus scoring 4 points.

According to the details of the Group, The main match started at a rapid pace and both teams mounted attacks on each other's goals, Pakistan united to make the move, increasing pressure to score Abdul Haseem Khan in the 28th minute. There was a good chance but his reverse flick went out on the right side of the goal post, two minutes later Waqas moved forward with the ball, suddenly he was knocked down by rival defencemen to whom the referee awarded Pakistan a penalty corner,

In the 30th minute, Mohammad Imran made no mistake in throwing the ball into the net, the Argentine captain appealed against which the referee took a video review but declared the goal correct. Pakistan started the second session aggressively with a one-goal lead at the break, just before the game entered the 9th minute when they found a penalty corner on which specialist Sohail Abbas scored to make the score 2-0. The Green Shirts landed another sharp weapon in the form of Shakeel Abbasi with Rehan Butt in their form to increase pressure on the opposing team, the strategy was successful and the Argentine team continued to play more defensively,

He launched a counter-attack 13 minutes before the end of the game, hitting a penalty corner and hit Rizwan's leg which found another PC, beautifully intercepted by goalkeeper Imran Shah. The penalty corner was found in the 55th minute, but Sohail Abbas's hit goalkeeper stopped. The match ended with a 2-0 victory over Pakistan. Later, speaking to the correspondent "Express", the winning team's coach Khawaja Jind said that defeating Argentina raised the morale of the team, the players mentally ready to fight in the Olympic Games, 4 With the points we are looking forward to, the field goals in the first match are now delivered on a penalty net to the penalty corners, which is a sign of improvement. Remember that the third important match of the Green Shirts will be from the UK on Friday.

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