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Olympics buzzed, World War for Medals began


London: London Olympics buzzed, World War Two medal four medals, 12 gold medals will be decided in 7 sports on Saturday, Pakistani swimmer Anam Bondi will test fate in the 400-metre individual medley hat, swimming American swimmer Michael Philips will look in the centre,

Women's basketball, handball and volleyball competitions will begin, the first round of the Men's and Women's events in tennis will be played at Wimbledon, while the Olympic 2012 torch was flown to the River Teams before the end of the Tower Bridge. , Thousands of people watched the Olympic flame before going to the opening ceremony.

According to details, with the London Olympics buzzing at the opening ceremony last night, the battle of the medals began to spread regularly, football and archery were already underway. A total of 12 gold medals would be decided in different sports on Saturday. The first archery will be the semifinals and finals of the men's team event in the morning, the men's event will be decided in road cycling, the women's competition in Shamsherzny is final and then the final schedule, 48 kg women's gold medal in weightlifting, The medals will be distributed among the winners at the end of the 60kg Men's and 48kg Women's events in judo. The top 4 gold medals will be decided in swimming competitions in which Pakistan's Anam Bonds will also test their luck, they will take part in the 400m individual medley hat, and if fate accompanies, they can also participate in the event finals. , The women's 100 × 4 freestyle relay hat with a 400-metre individual medley and then the final competition,

Similarly, men's 400m freestyle hat and then final with 400m individual medley, men's 100m breaststroke hat and women's 100m butterfly hat will also be shown in the action. Gaga is currently focusing on the eyes of the world, she did not even attend the Olympic opening ceremony four the competition. Saturday's shooting will feature the qualification of the women's 10m air rifle and the finals on the same day, with the men competing four the medals after qualifying rounds in the 10m air pistol.

The first round of Men's, Women's and Women's doubles will be played in tennis, Wimbledon champions Serena Williams and Roger Federer will also appear in action, both of which will play their matches at the same venue where the Grand Slam titles were announced just three weeks ago. In the second match of the 5-time Wimbledon Championship Day, there will be a 15,000-seat venue with head coach Jelena Jankovic. The Swiss star Federer will then play with Alejandro Fella of Colombia on the same weekend. Other events on Saturday include women's basketball, women's soccer, women's handball and women's first round of volleyball.

Beach volleyball will have men's and women's qualifications, men's 56kg and 75kg competitions in boxing. In Gymnastics Artistic there will be men's qualifying rounds, rowing will include Men's and Women's Heats, while Table Tennis will feature women's preliminary rounds. On the other hand, the Olympic torch was flown on a royal boat in the Rosemary Teams on Friday. Thousands of people witnessed the flame before attending the opening ceremony, the same boat that Queen Elizabeth of Britain crowned last month. It was the anniversary.

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