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Olympics - The start for two more Pakistanis has come to an end

In the Qur'an qualifying, Khurram Prise placed 28th in 36 shooters.

London: The start of the London Olympics is expected to end four two more Pakistani Athletes, swimmers in the qualifying round of the Mystery Hussain and Shooter Khurram prises are cool, Mystery finishing in the 100m Freestyle Swimming Prise, The skate event ended 28th in 36 shooters,

Earlier, swimmer Anum Bond was also at the very end of the hat-trick. Now, two Pakistani athletes have to try their luck in individual sports. According to details, on the fourth day of the Olympics, Pakistani swimmers Asrar Hussain and Shooter Khurm won the qualifying competition. Khurram Prise, who participated in the men's skating event, scored 67 points in the first three rounds of the qualifying event on Monday,

At the Royal Artillery Barracks in London on Tuesday, Khurram improved his position in the remaining two stages of the qualifying phase but remained at 28th in 36 shooters. The 45-year-old, from Karachi, was representing Pakistan at the Olympics four the third time, before competing in the 2000 Sydney and 2004 Athens Games.

The preliminary round of men's skating shooting at the Olympics consists of five rounds, and the six-shooters who score the most points in the first five rounds qualify four the final round. Pakistani swimmer Israr Hussain's performance in the 100-metre freestyle hat on Tuesday was also disappointing, leaving him behind in his group and ranked 54th out of 56 swimmers in the overall competition.

He set the distance in 57.86 seconds, which was 9.6 seconds more than the American swimmer Adrian Nathan in the qualifying round. Khurram Prise and Israr Hussain received wild card entry at the London Olympics after the two were eliminated, only two Pakistani athletes have left sprinter Liaquat Ali (100m qualifying) and Rabia Ashiq (800m racing round). Who will be on track August 4 and 8 respectively?

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