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Michael Jung has made a new history of riding

German equestrian Michael Jung is pleased to have won first place in the eventing individual jumping competitions

London: German Michael Jung made a new history of horse racing at the London Games; he became the world's first rider to win the European, World and Olympic individual event titles; Jung also won his team's Team Evening Gold Medal,

Nawaz Zara Phillips of Queen Elizabeth was ranked 8th in the individual competition, however, winning the UK silver medal in the team event. Kazakhstan's Maya Maniza set a new Olympic record in weightlifting of 63, dominating Chinese athletes in diving. Continued and captured the gold medals in all three competitions so far,

South Korea's Kim Jai bombs retaliated four the Beijing Olympics in Germany's Buschov in 81KG Men's Judo, while US military Vincent defended the title in the men's skate shooting. According to details, Michael Jung of Germany made a new history of horse racing at the London Games, becoming the world's first rider to win the European, World and Olympic individual event titles by winning a gold medal,

It was a golden day four Michael B. Boyd, who in turn helped his German team win the eventing team gold, celebrating its 30th anniversary with double honours. Sarah Elliottson of the Silver Medal of Sweden. In the name of Ostholt, Destiny did not support him and he became the first woman to win the title,

His horse Vega jumped from the top hurdle to the last hurdle, won bronze medal battle partner Sandra O'Farth, Australia's senior equestrian Andrew Lincoln, who competed in the seventh Olympics, finished fourth. Zara Philips, a native of Britain Elizabeth II, came in 8th. In the equestrian event, Germany won gold, British team Zara Philips won silver and the New Zealand team won the bronze medal.

Kazakhstan's Maya Maniza bagged gold in women's 63kg weightlifting, the second gold medal in the women's women's weightlifting event at the London Games in Kazakhstan, with the current Asian champion Maneza winning 245 in front of a crowd of spectators at the Axel Centre. KG lifting weight sets new Olympic record Russia's World Champion Svetlana Tsarokiyeva won silver and Canada's Christina Gerard bronze medal, finishing fourth in Beijing. The third gold medal in the diving event was also named after China,

In the Women's 10m Synchronised Platform event, world champions China Rollins and Van Hao won gold in the overall jump of 368.40 points on five jumps from the tower; Rollins also won the Beijing Olympic individual 10m gold medal. ۔ Mexico's Paula Espinosa Sanchez and Alejandra Orozco Loza won silver, while Canada's Meghan and Rosalind won bronze medals. China has previously won gold in the women's 3m springboard and men's 10m platform in diving.

While his eyes are focused on winning all 8 gold medals in diving. In the women's 63kg judo, Yurska Zollner defeated China's Zhou Lily to clinch Slovenia the gold four the first time. Japan's World No.1 Yoshi Yueno and World Champion France's Jorge Eminem won bronze medals. South Korea's Kim Jai-bomb in Mains 81kg judo captured the gold medal in revenge four the Beijing Olympics defeat of Germany's Ole Buschov, 27-year-old Kim was subdued by Buschov four years ago in the final.

Ivan Nefuntov of the 2009 World Champion Russia and Antony of Canada won bronze. American soldier Vincent Hin Cook defends his title in men's skating shooting, Andres of Denmark won silver and Qatar's Naseer El Atiya won the bronze medal. Tony Eisenstad of France won the third gold medal in the Canoe C1 Class Final over the small boat.

He has previously won gold at the 2000 Sydney and 2004 Athens Games. Meanwhile, on Monday night, the Rota of Lithuania won the gold medal in the Women's 100m Breaststroke. Men's 200m freestyle gold medallist France's Yankee Engels embraces the neck. The US Metam Groceries won the gold in the Men's 100m backstroke and Missy Franklin won the women's 100m backstroke. China defends the Men's Artistic Gymnastics Team title.

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