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Kindness began to dream of making Australia a guest

The concerns need to be addressed, the Kiwis and England also want to be called, Chairman.

Abu Dhabi: New PCB chairman Ehsan Mani dreams of making Australia a guest.

The Australian team has not visited Pakistan since 1998, the current series is also being played in the UAE, the five-match ODI series against the Kangaroos Green Shirts in March next year, its venue has not yet been determined.

Ehsan Mani told Australian media in Abu Dhabi that he was talking to Kevin Roberts, the next chief executive of Cricket Australia, with the team in Abu Dhabi, about the fact that he was asked about it on the advice of the Australian High Commission. There is a lot of speculation about Pakistan, but there is a lot of speculation about Pakistan, I have not yet found anyone who has expressed concern after going there, the new chief executive of Cricket Australia is coming and we talked to them on the sideline.

The Board of Directors said that they are confident that Roberts will understand this matter, we can work with him and Chairman David Powers, they must consider it, sooner or later, we have Pakistan. Super League matches are now being held in their own country, with foreign players participating, few teams have visited but I would like to see teams from Australia, New Zealand, and England also.

It is to be noted that the current Australian captains Tim Paine, George Bailey, and Ben Keating visited Pakistan with the World XI last year.

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