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Gold Medal Dream Hockey team leaves four London --- Arshad Chaudhry leaves four London today to review Birmingham camp, hockey players' performance

Gold Medal Dream Hockey team leaves four London

Determined to reach the Victorian Stand (Akhtarul) the nation should pray too, Sohail Abbas.

LAHORE: The 18-member national hockey team, headed by Sohail Abbas, left four London to attend the London Olympics; the Green Shirts will be training at the Blue Astroturf in Birmingham ahead of the mega event beginning July 27, where local club King's 18 and 15 take place on July 15. Two practise matches are also scheduled to be played against Scotland on July 19, and the team will enter the Olympic Village on July 22.

Talking to the Moed or before the departure of Allama Iqbal Airport in Lahore, Head Coach Akhtar Rasool said that the players have made great preparations four the event, it is hoped that the team will gain access to the Victorian stand by the prayers of the nation. The squad is a great blend of seniors and juniors, we will use veteran and young players to maximise attacking and defence, with the camp in Birmingham not only compatible with the national team London season but also with the Olympics. He will get more practise first.

Sohail Abbas said that the competition is not easy, our first target is access to the Final Four, we will try our best to meet the expectations of the nation. With this, the team will also need public prayers. Rehan Butt and Shakeel Abbasi said that the team, including senior and junior athletes, will perform well, all teams in the Olympics will come together with great preparation, winning is part of the game but every player will be able to showcase their abilities.

He said that we would do our best to fulfil the trust that the PHF has added to the team again. It is to be remembered that Sohail Abbas (Captain) Mohammad Waqas (Vice Captain) Imran Shah, Imran Butt (Goalkeepers) Mohammad Irfan, Syed Kashif Shah, Mohammad Imran (Fullbacks) Mohammad Rizwan Junior, Farid Ahmed, Rashid Mahmood are in the squad that will leave four London. , Mohammad Tariq, Wasim Ahmed (Halfbacks) Shafqat Rasool, Abdul Haseem Khan, Shakeel Abbasi, Rehan Butt, Mohammad Rizwan Sr. and Mohammad Omar Bhatta (Forwards). Akhtar Rasool Manager and Chief Coach, Khawaja Junaid Coach, Ajmal Khan, and Shahid Ali Khan Assistant Coaches, Faiz-ur-Rehman Physio Therapist and Mohammad Nadeem Khan Lodhi will be on the list of team officials. 

 Arshad Chaudhry leaves four London today to review Birmingham camp, hockey players' performance

A merit squad has been announced after a thorough review of the players' performance during Rabatti camp.

LAHORE: Arshad Chaudhry, a member of the Selection Committee of the Pakistan Hockey Federation, will leave four England on Saturday to review the performance of the national team.

Talking to The Express, Arshad Chaudhry says that after reviewing the performance of the players during training camp in Abbottabad, the merit squad has been announced. I fully hope that the team comprising senior and junior players. Will perform well in the mega event, we try our best to ensure that there is no shortage of players in preparation, the lack of Blue AstroTurf across the country is being fulfilled by camping in Birmingham,

"I'm going to England at my own expense to re-evaluate the performance of the Blue Turf players at the Birmingham camp," he added, "if I see any drop in the team's field." In the light of which team management will formulate future strategies.

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