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Disputes begin before the regular opening of the London Games

Glasgow: Honduras players try to stop Moroccan player Zakaria Labad's free kick in the Olympics Men's Football match, with the score tied at 2-2

 London: Conflicts began just before the London Olympics opened, with North Korea's women's team refusing to play in the background when South Korea's flag was raised, delaying the game by an hour, with the incident He also began apologising four the organisers. Meanwhile, Taiwan has protested the removal of its flag from Regent Street.

According to details, the official opening of the London Olympics is to be held on Friday, but the football tournament began on Wednesday with the Women's event. Refused to play a match against Colombia after the South Korean flag was hoisted on the big screen in the background, an hour later the match began, with the Korean team winning 2-0,

Later, Coach Sun Eun Gun said that our footballers are very angry at this incident, victory cannot even recover from this mistake, Ang Chang, North Korean representative to the International Olympic Committee, also condemned the incident. Athletes are angry, we hope this does not happen in the future, remember that North and South Korea are in a constant state of war. Olympic organisers, on the other hand, apologised four the flag dispute,

"We made a mistake that we apologise four," said Jacques Rogg, president of the International Olympic Committee, who called the incident a human error. Meanwhile, Taiwan protested the removal of its flag in Regent Street, stating that since the 1980 Games, Taiwan has banned the use of its country's name 'Republic China' and the flag in the Games, About the IOC flag being flown in place, a spokeswoman four Taipei representative Shen Lihan said that the IOC's decision applies only to ventures, outside the arena we can raise the flag of our country.

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