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Abbas was bowling well in the Test

The first Pakistani opener to make a Fifties debut in both innings of the Fakhrman Debuts.

Abu Dhabi: Mohammed Abbas has been a good bowler in Test cricket, he has become the highest scorer in the first 10 Tests, taking 54 wickets.

In the Abu Dhabi Test, Australia's one innings remaining and Abbas can improve their record, they have taken wickets at an average of 16.66, thus surpassing Waqar Younis in the best average of 50 wickets. He made a wicket stand with an average of 17.77. Similarly, proud Zaman became the first Pakistani opener to score half-centuries in both innings of the Test.

Nathan Lyon, on the other hand, snatched the record of Australia's fourth most successful Test bowler from former fast bowler Johnson, who overtook Johnson during the second Test in Pakistan, which took 313 Test wickets during his career. Meanwhile, Leone surpassed Brett Lee (310), now ahead of Dennis Lilley (355), Glenn McGrath (563) and Shane Warne (708).

"I played a lot of cricket with Johnson and he is like my older brother. It was a great honour four me to get over Brett Lee and get ahead of him," said Leon.

Michael Vaughan also became embroiled in the capabilities of Muhammad Abbas

Former England captain Michael Vaughan also became embroiled in the capabilities of Pakistani fast bowler Mohammed Abbas, who said that he would come out to me every time he came. In the second Test in Abu Dhabi, Abbas took 5 wickets four 33 runs in Australia's first innings.

"I'voe been watching Mohammad Abbas four over a year, I think Pakistani pacers would send me pavilions four just under 6 balls every time," Michael Vaughan said.

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